Equipment control high-end version

Burton’s Anon M3/M4 series, magnetic snow-absorbing glasses with magnetic-absorbing masks. It contains two lenses day and night, and the daily night scene can be switched at any time. It is serious and handsome. $419.9

Pragmatism, the first rational principle, affordable version

The appearance and performance of Demon’s new magnetic goggles exceed that of all traditional cylindrical snow mirrors on the market. It is almost the same as the M4, but the price is almost 1/3 (different color lenses can be purchased separately) and full of fragrance. $138 (TXSNOW students get 60% off, or buy 10 lessons and get one for free)


Equipment control high-end version


Built-in D3O

Professional Flexmeter series wrist protectors (invented by French wrist protectors) and other protectors, no need to wear protective gear and then wear a larger size of gloves (inconvenient to play with mobile phones). TXSNOW students can get a 40% discount on Demon, which is super fragrant!

Pragmatism, the first rational principle and affordable version:


The same built-in wrist guard, and quality bar, the price is better, and it is worth owning! Know the importance of wrist guards, which can help reduce wrist injuries by more than 80% when single and double boards fall. Remember to wear protective gear, my dear!

Internal liner soft gloves:
Soft Liner gloves are very useful, 1. It’s to keep warm. With it, you won’t feel cold when you wear the external gloves recommended above. It’s a magic weapon for babies who are afraid of the cold to remember! In this way, even 200 Canadian dollars for charging and heating gloves can be saved. 2. Sweat absorption. It is a life-saving charm for the beloved sweaty baby. If you only wear a layer of outer gloves, your hands will be cold after sweating, and even your whole body will be cold. With this magic weapon, the outer gloves are not tight even if they are slightly wet.
Nowadays, liner soft gloves have added the touch screen function, which is convenient for everyone to play with mobile phones without using them.

Still the first conscience COSTCO:

More than a dozen yuan, Costco industry guarantee.

There are also Burton, Archaeopteryx, and other brands, which cost about 20-50 yuan and are sold in all major snowfields.


Equipment control high-end version:
All major brands have specialised ski socks (such as wool socks) Burton, Archaeopteryx, Rossignol, Columbia, Icebreaker, Lululemon…
There are also COSTCO’s rechargeable and heated socks. If you are not afraid of burning your feet and don’t sweat your feet, you can give full play to your money ability.

Pragmatism, the first rational principle and affordable version:

COSTCO!Champion! 24 yuan for 8 pairs, you know! Sei know with sei


Equipment control high-end version:
All major ski brands have “noble” helmets, such as SMITH, POC, etc. for 3-400 Canadian dollars. Regardless of the price, the most important thing for ski helmets is whether there is a shockproof technology logo such as “MIPS”. Don’t ask too many questions. The concussed player won’t lie to you.
This is SMITH

Pragmatism, the first rational principle and affordable version:

At present, both Demon helmets have MIPS life-saving technology, and the price is super beautiful. You can buy all Demon products with T-XSports members/group owners/coaches/students at a 40% discount.
The black helmet is all-inclusive and suitable for friends with built-in glasses. There is no need to buy butterfly glasses or hard-wear contact lenses. 140 Canadian dollars after 40% off 84.
The green helmet is the Asia Fit series, specially designed for Asian brain shells, with all colors. Because Taixiang is currently out of stock, it is expected to start replenishment on January 24. CAD 126, 75 after 40% off, which is cheaper than COSTCO’s BOLLE helmet. The conscience of the industry.


Equipment control high-end version:

Major brands such as Burton (its Anon M3/M4 series snow mirrors are equipped with magnetic suction masks), Archaeopteryx, etc. have made a variety of masks. Demon United’s mask is also very suitable for use in extremely cold weather, wrapping the whole head, no matter how windy it is on the mountain.

If you want to be a trendy person, is it okay? Korean hanging-ear masks are available on Taobao.

Pragmatism, the first rational principle and affordable version:

That must still be wuli Costco.

Anti-freeze sticker:

Amazon Tape can be cut

Baselayer Base article: (commonly known as fast sweat-absorbing autumn clothes and trousers)

Equipment control high-end version:
Burton, AK, Archaeopteryx, how comfortable the fancy is. The one who mainly takes off his snow suit is also a trendy person.

Functional, medium version:
Braceclayer, which mainly focuses on compression and tightening texture-enhancing fabric, helps tighten your joints when sliding, such as knees, to enhance your snow performance and protect your knees.

Pragmatism, the first rational principle, and affordable version:
COSTCO! Buy it for me with my eyes closed! Buy the whole set! His base layer is simply not too fragrant. It’s cheap and quality, and the whole person is soaked in cotton and comfortable.

Midlayer cold-proof chapter: (middle warm layer)

Equipment control high-end version:
That is, all kinds of small and thin cotton-padded jackets from major brands are sandwiched between baselayer autumn trousers and snowsuits to keep warm and windproof, suitable for wearing below minus 10 degrees. Just wear two more layers of mid-layer below minus 20 degrees. A must-have for trendy people. Even if the middle layer is pulled down by a centimeter of the snowsuit zipper, there must be a bird logo. That’s how we pay attention to the details.

Pragmatism, the first rational principle, and affordable version:
Uniqlo! Uniqlo! Close your eyes and buy me these two from his house, which are so cheap that they are super warm in the dust! In an instant, let the practical people who do not pursue style/brand pay less violence and more IQ tax.
Ultra-thin down jacket recommended at about minus 10 degrees, which is very easy to carry $49.9

It is recommended to have a woolen fleece at about 20 degrees below zero, which should not be too warm. $39.9

Two pieces can be superimposed at minus 30 degrees.

Protective armour:
Equipment control high-end version:
Demon United, a world-class protector, has been dedicated to saving extreme sports enthusiasts from entering the grave prematurely since its founding in California in 1999. Its protective equipment can be used for skiing, mountain biking, actors and other extreme sports. Skiing has protective armor and no protective armor, which is completely two kinds of sports. Falling without pain is the point, so you want to continue playing more.
Demon the protective equipment is divided into the high-end D30 series and the comfortable and affordable Zero series.
The D30 series, which integrates black technology materials, shows the gentle nature of D30, an orange material in the inner muscle layer and skin layer, and carefully cares for every inch of your bone. When there is a fierce impact on the outside world, the D30 material will harden rapidly and resist external forces for a second. Smart like a small intelligent AI.

It is worth mentioning that many domestic online comments say that the D30 material will become too hard and uncomfortable in northeasterly cold areas such as Songhua Lake. This point needs to refute the rumor. Because D30 will not harden when in contact with a warm body, it will only be left in an outdoor car for the night. So no matter how cold the weather is, the D30 will not be too hard to wear!

Hip protection: individual and all-in-one

Separate hip protectors and knee pads are suitable for adults who feel that their legs are not long enough, require a high-size fit, and children who have been growing. The separation of the two pieces helps to fix the position of the protector.

The one-piece model has both hip protection and knee protection, which is convenient to wear. Just put on a whole pair of trousers.

The D30 series of protective gear focuses on the thickness of various bones that are very easy to bump, such as the pelvis, crotch, knees, and other areas, and wears them like evolved human armor.

Zero Series:
If you must be obsessed with the fact that D30 is hard in extremely cold weather, you can choose the ZERO series. Zero is softer and thinner, suitable for children with soft bones and flesh, and adults with tender flesh and flesh. The price is also more affordable to the people.

Armour (top):
Many people think that if you don’t jump in the park, you don’t need armor very much. After all, if you want to fall, it’s just a lower body.
The protective equipment is the same as the 10 million insurance of our ski school. If nothing happens, it will be a big deal. Whether it’s an unexpected straight torpedo hitting you, a slippery forest falling on a stone/sharp tree trunk, or even a normal snow road encountering black ice, or a flat flower on the green road that may hurt your ribs. The solid back ninja turtle shell + elbow protector of Demon top armor can save your life in extreme environments.
What’s more, it’s really warm! While saving a life, the middle layer has been saved.
What’s more, it has a future warrior-like modeling design. The top armor and hip protection are worn together, and there is a nylon buckle in the middle that can be connected to the clothes and trousers to ensure that a whole set of protective gear does not shift. If you take off your snow suit and go to the gas station, you will be asked. Where did the future warrior come from? The rate of turning back directly twists the neck.
(D30 armour)

Similarly, the top armor is also divided into the D30 series and the Zero series (children are more suitable for the Zero series). It can be purchased as appropriate.
(Zero Armour)

Pragmatism, the first rational principle and affordable version:
Amazon armor. It’s relatively cheap but not much, but it’s foam sewn into the trousers, which is price-sensitive/friendly to people who use it casually. However, please note that displacement and protection are poor.

Little turtle. There are also hip and knee protection, which looks the most well-protected, and kawaii, which is the first choice for many cute girls. The disadvantage is that it is very dangerous to get on the cable car/or not allowed to get on the snow field, and it is easy to slide down. And when we are a little advanced, the little turtle is very limited in our range of exercise and ability, which is counterproductive to the advanced learning of skiing. It is not as good as the ability of regular protective equipment.

Newbra, latex pad, the little secret in the bra is used skilfully. The disadvantage is that it is only soft and does not protect the key area of the key bone that should be protected. In the case of a stronger impact, the bone will still crack or even fracture, unlike regular protective equipment, which will reduce the damage by 70%.

Waxing set:
Demon’s waxing set is simply a Hermes set of waxing.
Complete tools, YouTube teaching guidance, 3 different price packages to choose from, from Xiaobai self-study at home to a handsome man helping with waxing at home, to master garage fine polishing, there is always one suitable for you.
Small iron, small brush, wax block, etc.

Forget sport check, sporting life, forget the waxing department of major snowfields, your snowboard maintenance no longer asks for people, to wait for 3 days to get it. You can hit as much as you want. The snowboard will always be rolling and slippery.
Soon, your friends around you will have a waxy one, and you will be proud of the Demon waxing suit.

After bringing the traction rope:

Demon United’s traction rope with baby, 35. The quality is excellent. Take your child to gallop on the snow field as soon as possible.

Anti-skateboard post:
For snowboarders, this board sticker on the board is not slippery when stepping on the slide on the back foot, and also a cooler little decoration on the board.

Board lock chapter:
Nowadays, there are more and more snowboards in many ski resorts (the more people there are). Protect your favorite board and lock it when you go to the toilet. 20 yuan to solve thousands of pains:

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