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2023- 2024 Season Training Program

  • Snowboarding Training

We have prepared two third-level coaches, Principal Alex and Adam Lowe, to train the board process for the coach.

Adam Lowe:

🤓Before the establishment of the Canadian Board Association CASI🏂, Adam began board teaching in 1989 and was one of the 60 members of the earliest official board association in Canada (55th).

🛑In 1994, CASI was established with like-minded partners. As the board of directors at the highest level of CASI structure (2nd session), Adam is the executive secretary and has been serving CASI for 29 years.

🧓 Got the earliest CSF Snowboard Instructor in 1990, the earliest batch of CASI Level 3 Instructor patriarchs in Ontario, and 34 years of teaching experience.

⛳️Summer Adam is a Grade 3 coach of the CGTF Canadian Golf Coaches Association (up to level 4) with 12 years of teaching experience and a senior golf 🏌️ coach of Caledon Country Club. PGA Professional Golf Association member & coach.

🚩He has trained Five Canadian Snowboard Cross & Halfpipe Olympic athletes .

🔆The chief coach of Caledon, a well-known aristocratic private snowfield in Ontario, and the chief coach of Snowboard Cross athletes.

🏂CASI Level 1 instructor examiner, park1 examiner, and CSIA second-level instructor!

🔰Adam will focus on TXSNOW’s 🏂2 level and above training for a long time, especially for instructors who want to rush to level 3.

At the same time, because of Adam’s rich teaching experience, we hope our instructors can also learn different teaching details and styles from Adam.

Snowboarding training fee:

CAD$150+TAX,Ski :CAD$150+TAX。

Alex(Yifu) :

Alex fell in love with the snowboard after the age of 26. After that, it took four snow seasons to successfully get the CASI level 3 instructor at the age of 30 and begin to be the examiner of CASI during the snow season.

Although the snowboarding time is very short, it is very serious. He has worked as an instructor in the Blue Mountains for three years and is one of the few Chinese ski instructors who have worked hard in traditional ski schools.

Alex has always loved the outdoors. When he was 8 years old, he began to try to play snowboarding and diving. He also taught diving when he was not skiing. He was also Padi’s scuba diving instructor and First responder first aid and also loved rock climbing, free diving, hiking, camping, motorcycles, musicals, movies, and music.

Alex loves life very much and likes to share his enthusiasm and dedication to life with everyone.

Alex Yi-Fu discovered his love for snowboarding after the age of 26 and dedicated four winter seasons to achieving his CASI L3 certification by the age of 30.

He then began working as a CASI Evaluator in subsequent seasons. Despite having a relatively short snowboarding experience, Alex has always approached it with great dedication. He spent three years working as an instructor at Blue Mountain, making him one of the few Chinese snowboard instructors to have worked at a traditional snow-school in Canada.

In addition to his passion for snowboarding, Alex has always had a love for the outdoors. He began exploring activities like Skiing and scuba diving at the age of 8. When not snowboarding, Alex also teaches scuba diving as a PADI certified instructor and teach first responder as padi first responder instrucor. He enjoys activities such as rock climbing, free diving, hiking, camping, motorcycling, musical theater, movies, and music.

Alex embraces life with enthusiasm and enjoys sharing his passion and dedication with others.

Principal Alex’s training is half-day skating and half-day teaching.

Any level can come. The main goal is to help you consolidate the technical content of CASI teaching and skating and to help you diagnose any problems encountered in sliding and teaching, and discuss them together.

  • Ski Training

We have prepared instructor Peter Celil for the ski training process.

Peter Celil CV:

Experienced CSIA 4 + 2 Examiner

The best amateur pilot for skiing.

He is very experienced and has always been active at the forefront of teaching.

Familiar with the test standards of CSIA.

He is an easy-going person.

He can accurately grasp the needs of students in the class.

Take you to achieve your goal step by step!

– Nearly 20 years of skiing teaching experience

– The current principal of Mansfield Ski School, a private ski club

– Trainers at many ski schools in Ontario

  • Video analysis

We will encourage our instructors to share sliding videos of their students with our official instructor’s group for the 2023-2024 snow season anytime they want. Our team members, @Alex, @Nikki, and @Jack, will analyze the videos and share their insights with the group. You can also discuss the videos and give your feedback in the group at any time.

If you encounter difficult and miscellaneous problems, Alex and Nikki will also take the corresponding video to CASI / CSIA for internal discussion to finally give you an answer.

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