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Here are clearer instructions for signing up as an instructor on TXSNOW:


Instructors are not allowed to use any ski passes or cards belonging to other individuals for their teaching purposes within TXSNOW. If an instructor is found using such passes or cards, they will be solely responsible for any consequences or liabilities arising from their actions. Any TXSNOW contracted instructor who engages in activities such as buying, selling, or renting non-transferable passes on any social media platform will be considered to have immediately terminated their contract with TXSNOW.
All of our employees are paid through direct deposit, and we make sure to follow proper and legal procedures. If your earnings exceed $500 per year, we will provide you with a T4A form, and you will be responsible for paying any taxes owed. We do not deduct taxes from your earnings. When you file your taxes, you may be able to offset the taxes owed on the T4A portion with fuel expenses or meal receipts. Therefore, we advise all employees to keep these receipts for potential use. If an instructor cannot accept payment through direct deposit, we ask that they do not sign the contract.
We do not charge any additional fees for affiliation. The total cost of approximately $85 includes the uniform and printing.




Please proceed with signing the contract only if you agree to the terms mentioned above.