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User Agreement

1. All course packages of TXSNOW include recording user information in the internal CRM system, so that changing coaches can also know the historical learning of students and provide more efficient and accurate guidance for each student.

2. To better provide services to students, the instructor will ask and record the students' personalities and hobbies before class (especially for young children) and share this information with the coach and relevant internal staff in the subsequent class.

3. TXSNOW requires the coach to record happy photos with students in the snow field, videos before and after the course, write text feedback, etc. Taking "no privacy in public places" as the basic implementation principle, the above information is sent to the course WeChat group and the copyright of the portrait right is owned by TXSNOW. Agreeing to this agreement means that TXSNOW is authorized to use the photo and video generated in the snow field for internal purposes such as internal recording, inter-coach information transmission, internal training analysis, etc. The relevant staff have the opportunity to see the above information.

4. Statement: Except for instructores, the group built in the class is all TXSNOW staff or fellow students and guardians. There are no unrelated personnel or non-staff. TXSNOW will not forward the above information to unrelated personnel for no reason or leak user information to unrelated third parties for no reason.

5. If TXSNOW wants to use any photo or video for commercial activities, such as social media publicity, they must first seek approval from the student or their guardian. The use of these digital materials will be within the permitted range and authorized by the student or guardian.

6. After you fill in and finally submit this form, it means that you know and agree to the above agreement and the authorization contained in the agreement.

7. If you do not agree with the above agreement, please do not purchase our products and services, and do not fill in and submit this form.