Worry-free baby’s skiing plan

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Take care of their children professionally for parents who can’t ski, and free their hands for parents who want to ski freely.

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1. TXSNOW的所有课程套餐均包含将用户信息记录于内部CRM系统,以便更换教练也知道学员的历史学习情况,更加高效精准地为每个学员提供指导。
4. 声明:上课所建群内除教练外,都是TXSNOW工作人员或同行学员以及监护人,没有无关人员或非工作人员,TXSNOW不会无端转发以上信息给无关人员或泄漏用户信息给无关第三方。
5. 如照片视频被TXSNOW选中,用于社交媒体各类宣传等商业行为,将问询,得到学员或监护人认可授权后才会在允许的范围内使用这些数字信息。


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Worry-free baby’s skiing plan

This product is a riding guide service provided by TXSNOW professional ski instructors for your children.

This product is delivered to you by TXSNOW contracted instructor in the form of riding.

All TXSNOW contracted instructors have CASI/CSIA certification qualifications, and the instructor certificate is within the validity period.

TXSNOW has purchased tens of millions of insurance for this course to protect your rights and interests.

This product is a training environment specially designed for basic children!

Take your children to ski for parents who can’t ski.

Designed for parents who want to be smooth.

The one-on-one instructor concentrates on riding.

Children practice the knowledge/skills learned in a professional class by observing and imitating the instructor’s riding.

There is no need to wait for people in group classes. Your baby is the protagonist on every trip!

One-on-one care, safe and at ease.

Multiple students can compete in a group, and each instructor can compete with one person.

For example: 2 instructors can compete with 2 people, and 3 instructors can compete with 3 people.

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15% off for a one-time purchase of 20 5V5 lessons

When purchasing the course, please fill in the following form so that we can arrange the course according to your needs:

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User Agreement

1. All course packages of TXSNOW include recording user information in the internal CRM system, so that changing coaches can also know the historical learning of students and provide more efficient and accurate guidance for each student.

2. To better provide services to students, the instructor will ask and record the students' personalities and hobbies before class (especially for young children) and share this information with the coach and relevant internal staff in the subsequent class.

3. TXSNOW requires the coach to record happy photos with students in the snow field, videos before and after the course, write text feedback, etc. Taking "no privacy in public places" as the basic implementation principle, the above information is sent to the course WeChat group and the copyright of the portrait right is owned by TXSNOW. Agreeing to this agreement means that TXSNOW is authorized to use the photo and video generated in the snow field for internal purposes such as internal recording, inter-coach information transmission, internal training analysis, etc. The relevant staff have the opportunity to see the above information.

4. Statement: Except for instructores, the group built in the class is all TXSNOW staff or fellow students and guardians. There are no unrelated personnel or non-staff. TXSNOW will not forward the above information to unrelated personnel for no reason or leak user information to unrelated third parties for no reason.

5. If the photo and video are selected by TXSNOW for various business activities such as social media publicity, TXSNOW will consult and obtain the approval of the student or guardian before using the digital information within the scope permitted by the authorization.

6. After you fill in and finally submit this form, it means that you know and agree to the above agreement and the authorization contained in the agreement.

7. If you do not agree with the above agreement, please do not purchase our products and services, and do not fill in and submit this form.


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